Startup as a Service

Partner with Virtido to grow your idea into a successful venture

From entrepreneur to entrepreneur

We are a young company with Startup character. Both founders and the CTO are strongly entrepreneurial thinking people. We gladly share our collected experiences with future founders as well as entrepreneurs and accompany you on your journey:

  • Do you have a ground-breaking idea but limited experience for its development?
  • Do you have a ground-breaking idea but limited time for its development?
  • Did you already talk with too many IT specialists without business experience or vice versa?
  • We can support you through all Startup cycles: Idea formulation, strategy, business case development, IT implementation, customer acquisition, operations, financing, expansion or exit


Our Offering

We offer two fixed-price packages for startups as well as customized on-demand startup-services.


Idea Challenge Workshop

You have a great idea and want to discuss it with experts (after signing an NDA) to receive valuable input on your venture and how it could be developed?

  • Idea Challenge Workshop with business & IT experts, analysing your business model and requirements for a prototype. (4h)
  • Written feedback with inputs and potential extensions to your idea as well as proposals for a solution & implementation.

CHF 800

Lean Startup Starter

With the Lean Startup Starter Package, we accompany you from idea through the launch of a custom landing page as a preparation for your product launch.

  • Idea Challenge Workshop (Value CHF 800)
  • Business Modell Workshop (revenue model, pricing, costs - 4h)
  • Development of requirements for an eventual Minimal Viable Product (MVP)
  • Landing Page (with custom design and core features) for your product launch.
  • On demand: "clickable prototype" (a clickable design of your full application without functionality, + CHF 3'000-4'000).

CHF 3'650

Run your Startup

You have a brilliant idea but only limited time for its development and operation? You don't want to quit your job (yet) to be able to finance your startup?

Customized support with the operation of your venture, for example with the help of our BPO team or the placement of an 'ad interim' CTO.

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Virtido LAB

Virtido Lab is our vessel to discuss, analyze and develop exciting new ideas - and, if we believe in their success, develop them together with you. If you are looking for a strong partner and and can excite you with your project, we are open for different cooperation models.

We can offer all necessary ingredients to build up a successful venture:

  • Enjoyment of entrepreneurship and challanges
  • Strategic experience
  • Financial- and M&A Experience
  • Longstanding experience in project management and implementation
  • Substantial know-how in the online and mobile space
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