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Virtido Start-Up Services

Virtido Start-Up Services


We are Virtido, a young Switzerland based IT Nearshoring company with headquarters in Zurich and offices in eastern Europe. We know how important the first steps are for Start-Ups, and can help you developing your idea into a product. We are ready to be your partner! 





IT & Mobile Services

Nowadays most Start-ups are IT-driven. Specialists are rare and salary costs in Switzerland are high. We offer you access to a large pool of highly qualified and motivated IT developers. As your partner we offer:

  • On demand recruiting of IT specialists, working exclusively for you from our offices
  • Concept consulting and development of innovative mobile applications at a competitive price
  • Development of specific software projects in collaboration with our partner network 

Business Process Outsourcing

Despite modern technology some tasks still have to be performed manually. Examples include maintenance of a web-shop, research, preparation of data & information or the digitalization of data. These tasks require a lot of time and can be outsourced cost efficiently to free up your time while building your venture. Our employees speak German fluently, have a college degree and are motivated to support your Start-up selectively or continuously. 

Testpartner for our projects

Sometimes we are looking for partnerships for our own developments. Currently for instance, we are working on a project concerning digitalization and booking of receipts in accounting. For such projects, we are looking for partners that need innovative solutions at minimal cost. We offer access to our test environment and only charge our running cost. As our benefit, we request active participation in testing of processes and open feedback paired with some tolerance for potential initial hiccups.

Virtido Lab

Virtido Lab is our platform to discuss, challenge and develop venture ideas – and to partner up if we believe in their potential. If you are looking for a strong partner, we are open to discuss different models of collaboration. We do not see our role as financial investor, but rather as active technology partner, helping you to develop your products and services as well as building up your venture. 


Contact us by email or call us at +41 43 54434 96 


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