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Responsive Design


Since the introduction of the first iPhone in 2007 a shift in technology and platform focus has gone through the world wide web. Consumers are increasingly spending more time browsing the web on their mobile devices, while their desktop usage is stagnating or even sinking [1].

As a company, trying to sell services over the web, represents a new challenge. Not only do corporate websites need to run on modern software and make use of current design trends to attract customers - it must also be perfectly functional on mobile devices of any kind.

Following the trend of growing mobile traffic a new term has been born. RWD or Responsive Web Design describes a paradigm of designing and crafting web experiences that are equally usable and user friendly no matter the device of the end user. A homepage that is responsively designed will display the same content in an optimised layout for each platform (Smartphone, Tablet, Desktop) and automatically adopt to the users device.

Google has responded to this trend by altering their search algorithm on mobile devices. Homepages that are not designed „responsive“ (or in other words are not updated to cater to mobile device form factors) will be omitted or ranked lower in mobile search results [2] since end of April 2015. This poses a great business risk for companies that operate on the Web as Google is a big driver behind customer acquisation.

Many companies have yet to update their homepage for the growing portion of mobile users on the web. Virtido can leverage our network of suppliers to support the transition from desktop only homepages to fully responsive web presences. Be it a simple homepage based on static content or a complex web application - Virtido is the right partner to assist you. Together we will bring your homepage in shape for the mobile consumer - and potentially give it a new, modern touch for the loyal desktop customers as well. 


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