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Virtido 2.0 – dare to listen to the market

Virtido 2.0 – dare to listen to the market

21.12.2016 was launched in September 2015, a bit more than a year ago. Since then, we were able to significantly increase our client base, which in turn allowed us to grow to almost 30 full-time employees. We are very grateful and would like to thank our fantastic clients for their trust and valuable feedback.

Testing real market needs and receiving continuous feedback from our clients is and will always be absolutely crucial for us. When was launched, we have deliberately chosen to offer a broad range of services, which we sometimes internally called the “shot gun” approach with a smile.

We had firm views on which of our services will soon find clients in the market – some were proven wrong, some true and in addition new offerings emerged. To give you an example - we were convinced to successfully sell our Business Process Services to B2C clients online through a web shop, however realised quickly that a direct approach towards B2B clients works much better, generates higher volume and is easier to handle form an operational perspective. Based on such invaluable market insights, we adjusted our service offering to the real market needs, which now results in the release of our freshly updated Virtido 2.0 website.

As a conclusion, we want to motivate fellow start-up companies to dare testing the market, to listen to clients and to challenge own market assumptions, which too often do not exactly correspond to the real needs.

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