Business Process Outsourcing

We support you outsourcing activities that are not part of your core competencies

What does "Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)" stand for?

BPO describes the transfer of business processes which are not part of the core business of a company to another company or region. BPO allows to slim down internal processes and to optimize cost structures, especially if a cost-efficient nearshore location (close foreign country) is chosen.

Can your company benefit from BPO?

  • Do you have repetitive tasks which block a lot of resources but do not belong to your core competencies and therefore offer only small or no return?
  • Our BPO nearshore team can support you in taking over such activities in a cost-efficient manner so you can refocus on your core competencies and generate value. This way you stay closer to your client and you can sustainably achieve higher margins.
  • A part of our BPO team forms a competence centre for accounting – trained by us
  • We gladly offer our support in analysing if and which activities in your company offer potential for nearshoring 


Our Offering

All our employees are fluent in German, have a university degree and are passionate to work for you. We currently offer BPO services in the following areas

  • Accounting (Centre of competence)
  • Desktop / Market Research
  • Data Entry (e.g. Address verification, Creation of contact lists for marketing & sales)
  • Database Management (e.g. Stock-Management for eCommerce)
  • BackOffice Outsourcing (e.g. Personal Assistant)
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